Our Vision

The world is becoming increasingly unstable, with on-going pandemic and international conflicts. Confusion in the international community due to differences in values has also arisen.
Under such circumstances, we need to expand our network of friendship around the world, construct relationships of mutual understanding, and offer support to those in-need in the ever- changing international community.

The relationship of mutual understanding and support between countries must develop toward the future. For this reason, it is vital to promote international exchange among young people in their teens and twenties to build face-to-face relationships of trust.
Japan is situated in the Asia-Pacific region; thus, we have developed close relationship with people in this region. Further on, we would like to broaden our perspective and promote exchanges with other regions as well. We will focus on promoting exchange among young people of Japan and the Central and Eastern European region, which has rich cultural and economic resources.

Our Activities

Exchange events of students of Central and EasternEurope and in Japan

Mutual understanding among the young generation is essential for sustaining international exchange. We will support exchanges between the young generation of the Central and Eastern Europe and Japan, especially university students.

Seminars for international understanding

Deepening mutual understanding among countries and regions is the foundation of international exchange. We hold seminars and symposiums for understanding the society and culture of Central and Eastern Europe and Japan.

Dissemination of information on Japan

In order to continue friendship with other countries it is vital to enhance the international community’s understanding on Japan. We will disseminate multifaceted and updated information on Japan through the Internet and other media.

Outline of the Organization

Specified Non-Profit Organization TSUNAGARO JAPAN
September 2022
2-13-7, Iidabashi Chiyodaku-ku, TOKYO JAPAN

For more information, please contact

alpha88241@net-alpha.co.jp (Ms. Yoshida)